Blogging IS a Sport!

Well, as my first blog in a few years I figured I’d begin with an inquiry.

Is Blogging a Sport?

Quick answer: No. It is not.

However, like a sport, I find it exhilarating, challenging, physically (and mentally) demanding, but most of all entertaining. Being the stereotypical teenager I am, I find these little creations allow me to share my views without having to bat my eyelashes, using obscene hand gestures, or saying “like” or “ya know” a million times.  Its my seventh heaven. Haha. Notice my not-so-clever-or-discrete pun on the blog name? Yes, yes, I am a run of the mill cheerleader who thinks she’s “punny” beyond comprehension. Just bear with me.


A little info on the title of this blog that ties in with my previous sentence… ^^ Do you see it? Well it mentions that I am a cheerleader. Great and wonderful EXCEPT its not considered a sport (like blogging). Each in itself should be highly regarded for their extreme demand for dedication. But no. Sadly prancing around in mini-skirts adorned with high school colors and silly cartoon-ized animals does not count as a physically demanding sport like it should. (I make it sound superficial but it truly is a very physical activity and not all based on vanity or popularity) And that concludes my ranting on the injustice cheerleaders and bloggers face daily. Thank you.


Tune in next time for another riveting story

courtesy of yours truly!


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