Oh Katniss, You’re Not Fat!

I should preface this entry with a fact. My entire family sees some invisible

resemblance between myself and Jennifer Lawrence.

I am not sure why.

Coincidentally, at the dinner table this evening I braided my hair down the back of my head to get my hair out of my face and off my neck. (Its EXTREMELY hot in my grandparents house even though its SUPPOSED to be winter here in Sweet Home Alabama.) I proceeded to leave, followed closely by my mother and brother (we of course ALL drove separate cars to convene at the grand parentals. We’re so economically friendly.). Energized my the DELICIOUS split pea soup I had just consumed, I took (profoundly clumsy) leaps, and maybe a bound, down my grandparents front steps onto their brick walkway. At the point of contact between my foot and the cursed, uneven brickway, I stumbled and made a very unattractive heaving/soul-sucking-dementor noise. Being the not very easily embarrassed person I am, I promptly regained my composure, giggled, and flipped my braid over my shoulder. (Its all down hill for my confidence level from here.)

Mom: (laughing hysterically at my plight) “Katniss, you are some kind of graceful, aren’t you?”

Brother: (missing the joke) “Mom, Devin doesn’t look like Katniss. Katniss is skinny…. and pretty.”

I flashed my brother a quick “Screw you” look and continued on my way.

Brother: (still missing the joke and also overlooking my glare) “Like REALLY skinny. And tall.”

Mom: “Oh Katniss, You’re not fat! Don’t let that Peta wannabe throw your victor swag!”

I’ve never been more proud or ashamed of my mom in my life.


When did my mom learn to say swag?


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